Bank of Luck


Yesterday, my friend was here. We were talking non-stop, laughing, just like our old school days. She slept for a while when I took a shower. We planned to go to a beauty salon, but we got really lazy to go out. Still, we ended up going outside despite our body against it.

First stop: Boutique

We were looking for shirts that were used to be there. High-end formal and party outfits were on a good sale, but we don’t need them yet.

Second stop: Beauty Salon

We just walked from home. It was two blocks away. As we arrived, my friend suddenly remembered the most important thing: to withdraw cash. So, we went to a famous avenue full of establishments to dine, drink, hang out, or party. We looked for a bank.

Third Stop: Bank

The money-giving machine was offline. So, we looked for a near bank with an online machine. We just walked. We needed that for exercise as well.

Fourth Stop: Another Bank

Finally, our hope was found! Oops. Street-dwelling adolescence boys were just outside the bank. Better find another one.

Fifth Stop: Another Bank

We went inside the booth. My friend was interacting with the machine. First pin entering, failed! Only 5 asterisks were visible which I noticed. So, I told her. Second trial, failed again! It lacked a digit. Third trial, F*C**N* FAILED. Card was blocked due to pin error! Oh, we were both nervous, and felt crap. Yes, I felt stepping on crap.

Sixth Stop: You guessed it, a bank!

After interacting peacefully with another machine, thinking that my friend will be able to please it, it just said that two people from that office have to verify the transaction – an incomplete transaction.

Seventh Stop: Yes, need I say more?

Thinking that other banks may still give her a chance, we went to another one. You guessed it, a complete failure.

Eighth Stop: A Fast Food Establishment

We were sitting there for some minutes, thinking that it was karma for both of us. We were thinking if this was related to break ups, of going outside against our will, of getting free cards from the boutique where we bought nothing, and I thought that the Adjustment Bureau might be a real deal. She tried to contact the customer service of the bank she is subscribed to. Luckily, of all the time it can be under maintenance, it picked the time she needed it the most. It was her first time to call the HOTLINE. Why? Why? Why?

Ninth Stop: My House

We didn’t eat outside. We didn’t drink coffee or tea. We simply went outside to face challenges. It was pass 8PM and we haven’t eaten anything yet. She dialed the hotline again, BOOM! Within 24-hours, she can have access to her money via machine. Wow, that was lucky. Was it fate? Maybe she really have to stay for the night in my house because it gave us another life-changing plan.

Soon. šŸ™‚

May it be luck or control, challenges will still be part of humanity. We choose to believe in luck. We choose to believe that we control our life. Yet, there is always the inevitable change in life, and we will end up dying anyway. So, why not enrich your life before you cheat death, or death cheats on you?


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