What is Bottomless by Krocodile Grille?

To start off, Krocodile Grille was the first choice of our group to get together from the many food establishment to choose from just last Friday night (July 15, 2011) – yes, it was payday for some of us. I, together with a friend whom I was with for an hour while still waiting for our friends, went to the said grill to make a reservation. The manager said we can’t do that but we will be their priority if there will be an available table for us upon our arrival. After half an hour, we came back to the grill with all our friends we expected to arrive by that time. That was a get together, so we prioritized our precious story sharing than our hunger. After 15-20 minutes, we were ready to order food – 3 dishes, rice, and drinks. Some of us ordered bottomless iced tea. So, the waitress took our orders at 9.45pm. After 5 minutes, she said, “hanggang 10pm lang po iyong bottomless iced tea namin. Saka hanggang 4 na refills lang.” (Our bottomless iced tea is only up to 10pm. Also, we could only give you 4 refills.) We were like… well… I’ll just leave our reactions to your imaginations.

There’s no rule of prohibiting sharing of drinks, so to call it quits, we shared to make as many refills as we can. It was pass 10pm and we can still get refills because we haven’t reached their maximum allotment of refills. Besides, they can’t do anything because we paid for it aside from the fact that they didn’t tell us their definition of BOTTOMLESS upon ordering 15 minutes before Cinderella turned into rag again (sadly, they’re 2 hours advanced). Combine this with their waitress without simple social skills and their waiters who don’t even entertain us, and we’re sitting in the middle of the grille, in a table of 10 people. Whenever we call them, I don’t know if it’s only accidental or on purpose but they were like looking away from us, keeping their sights on the tables on the right instead of looking around. Talk about a crocodile’s selfishness.


Any insights?

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